What’s wrong with the #MeToo movement in India? – By Abdul Qadeer

There is nothing wrong in the #metoo movement per se. If there is anything wrong with the movement it is the people who were claiming to be champions of #metoo movement but when someone of their own got exposed they changed their color. Let me give you some examples:


Nandita Das is considered an actress who has stood for the cause of women. Few years back she was alleged to have made a remark that “every man is a potential rapist”, for which she was massively trolled on internet and she later denied to have said those words[1]. But there is no smoke without fire.

When this #metoo movement started she was feverishly tweeting in support of the movement till the day, her father was exposed for having predated upon a young girl Nisha Bora.

And here is what the seasoned feminist had to say:

“I have maintained from the very start that this is the time we all need to listen, so that women (and men) feel safe to speak up. At the same time, it is also important to be sure about allegations so as not to dilute the movement.[2]”

What? The proponents of believe woman moment are casting aspersion on the claims? Obviously that would have contradicted her statement of her father being her role model during the promotion of her film Manto[3].

Unfortunately for Ms Nandita another girl Gourusha Katoch has come out with how Jatin Das had predated upon her[4]. #Metoo movement is officially over for Nandita now, no more tweets in support of the movement. Game over.


Vinod Dua is an “eminent” journalist currently working for a web news blog “The Wire”. Mallika Dua is his daughter who makes a living out of comedy gigs and “creative” memes like this. Some time back, Akshay Kumar, during a comedy show, inadvertently said certain words in a comedy show for his daughters which were by no means intended to sexually humiliate her. But Mr Dua reacted in an abusive manner.

And the guy who reacted abusively for bad language for her daughter has had attempted to sexually assault a young girl in the past[5]. Wasn’t she somebody’s daughter?

When Aloknath, a certain TV actor was accused of molestation this is how the part time comedian cum full time women’s rights activist, reacted. “Babuji my ass”

Unfortunately for Ms Dua, the very next day, her dad was outed to have attempted to rape a girl [6]. What would you expect a feminist to do? Ideally the least she could have done was to support the girl. But here was her reply:

Stop forcing women to give statements for your entertainment.” “This is my dad’s battle, I will let him fight it and I will stand by him”[7].

I know she is a comedian, but “is it some kind of a joke”? Is it the same lady who used expletives to describe Aloknath the previous day? From“Babuji my Ass” to “I stand by my babuji” all within 24 hours?. Twitter was trending the punny hashtag #BadDua rightfully to seek ouster of Vinod Dua. Mallika Dua couldn’t stand criticism of her father and deactivated her twitter account. So much for the cause of women. She will be back when things would suit her interests.

At least you expect his employer “The wire”, claiming to be champion of #metoo movement to act against Vinod dua. But No, Sidharth Vardhrajan, the founder of Wire had other ideas. Vardhrajan not only deferred action on Dua but gave him a platform on Wire’s Channel to brazenly ask “why people are asking questions on his sexual misconduct when there are other important questions to be asked in the country”[8]? Have you heard of a more shameful statement from anybody accused of sexual misconduct? He tried to obfuscate his sexual misconduct as a “general misbehavior”.

This is not just one journalist in The Wire, there is another guy called Sidharth Bhatia (co founder ) who has been accused of sexual misconduct[9].

And Vardhrajan is shielding him too. Why? Because he is a dear friend and also a business partner. In a time when comedians like Tanmay are resigning from their posts over sexual misconduct, The wire, a supposedly journalistic portal is clinging shamelessly on sexual predators in the echelons of the organization. If Anurag Kashyap can take a bold decision to get rid of Vikas Bahl and the company (he was a managing partner with him), why can’t Sidharath Vardharajan do this? A friend has established an inquiry committee for another friend, we know what the outcome is going to be. Don’t we? At least the body language and smirk of Dua in the last video on The wire suggests how confident he is of the outcome..

I tell you why Vardhrajan will never do that? Because Vardhrajan himself has had a sordid background. He founded wire after being thrown out from The Hindu for, as the Chairman said, “breaches of business and journalistic conduct”[10]. If the foundation of an organization is rotten, you can expect such things to happen. Even comedians and film makers have more morals and principles than the organization of discarded unethical journalists. I won’t be surprised if he neither fires Vinod Dua nor Sidharath Bhatia. After all they all are the birds of the same feather.

So the problem with the #metoo movement is the likes of Nandita Das, Mallika Dua, Vinod Dua, Sidharath Bhatia etc. who claim to be feminists until they themselves or their family members or business partners are exposed. Sonam Kapoor ran away from twitter during the #metoo movement because too many of her friends ( AIB and other comics) were being outed as sexual predators and facilitators. The otherwise vocal Javed Akhtar and family have gone into silent mode because their friends in film industry who give them employment were outed. It’s easy to question a politician than your people of your Bollywood industry? Vinod Dua till a day before he was exposed of sexual misconduct was asking for resignation of Union minister, MJ Akbar. Even Akbar resigned yesterday, He hasn’t. Such people are what is wrong with the #metoo movement. Their feminism is either for publicity or political benefits.

Update: There are few guys who are defending Vinod Dua for he has only on allegation to his name. Today another ex colleague of Dua, Sunita Thakur has reveled her #metoo story against him[11]. This should make things difficult for close friends of Dua in The wire desperately trying to save him. Check mate?

The number of allegations against Jatin Das have swelled to 4[12].


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