What do you think of Mamta Banerjee’s recent protest against Mr. Modi (3-Feb-2019)?

Mamata Banerjee

A brazenly desperate attempt to protect corrupt people in TMC or may be herself

These are Bizarre scenes in Indian democracy. CBI goes to question a Police officer Rajeev Kumar, in relation to some missing files in the Multi Billion dollar chit fund scam (Rose Valley). The accused Rajeev Kumar had been repeatedly evading notices to let it interrogate him. The CBI was left with no option but to reach out to him directly.

For the first time in history of India investigating CBI officers were arrested by state police to protect the accused. The West Bengal police went on to surround the two CBI offices in Kolkata. These unprecedented scenes clearly give an impression that the state Govt is openly rebelling against the constitutional authority of the federal Govt. The chief minister, Mamata goes to the extent of going to the house of Commissioner of police.

  • Why would a chief minister use the entire police machinery so conspicuously to protect a mere questioning of a Police officer?
  • What compelled a chief minister of a state to go personally to house of a Police officer?
  • What big secret does the Police officer knows that Mamata doesn’t want CBI to know?

The answer is that the two mega scams, one the 17000 crore to 40,000 crore Rose valley chit fund scam[1] and the 40,000 crore Sardha group financial scam. In the both the chit fund scams TMC members appear to have been directly involved due to which tens of people committed suicide[2]. CBI have so far arrested TMC MPs Srinjoy Bose , Tapan Das and Sudip Bandopadhyay in the scams[3][4]. A film producer close to TMC, Shrikant Mohta was also arrested by the CBI[5]. Every time Mamata Banerjee’s party member was arrested she fidgeted and her party reacted violently.

Clearly Mamata Banerjee is not interested in solving the case simply because her party members are involved in the scam. She appears to be consciously trying to obstruct the progress in the case.

Mamata’s paintings have been bought up by Sarda scam accused at ridiculously high prices as high as 1.8 crore[6].

Have a sample of one of her Drawing:

Pretty much sure such paintings must be adorning drawing room of Sudipta sen. I guess Jayalalita could have drawn such paintings and sold them to justify her disproportionate assets.

When Mamata realized that CBI is too close to finding out the original master mind of the scam, she is acting in a reckless and undemocratic manner.

She perhaps as an afterthought realized dictatorial action may not only put her in legal jeopardy but also be harmful to her image in election season. So she chose to do Kejriwal style theatrics (a Dharna) to divert the attention from her action on the CBI team and the Chit fund scam. What makes it more brazen is that the accused officer (Rajeev Kumar) is sitting beside the chief minister on Dharna to brazen out his defiance to the Supreme court directed CBI investigation.

Check out the praise for Rajeev Kumar from Mamata:

‘He is Among Best in World’: Mamata Banerjee Backs Kolkata Top Cop ‘Wanted’ by CBI, Slams BJP

Why would a CM risk her image and say such hyperboles in support of the officer. If he were best in the world he would have replied to summons of CBI instead of taking help from politicians. Clearly the man knows a lot about the scam that the chief minister of a state has come out so openly in his support. 80,000 crore is a massive amount and there has to be a political mastermind behind the mega scam whom Mamata Banerjee doesn’t want to be exposed.

If anybody has destroyed democracy in this case, It is clearly Mamata Banerjee. She is trying to protect her MPs in the mega scams and getting her officers not to cooperate with the central agencies. In the last couple of years her conduct is no less than a dictator where she is even refusing to implement central Govt schemes[7].

What she has done today is unprecedented and makes a strong case for dismissing her Govt for conspicuously obstructing central agencies from carrying out their duties. I don’t think a fair investigation in the mega scams is possible with her being at helm of the state’ affairs especially with the reckless behavior she has shown. The state is not her fiefdom that corporates in collusion with her Party-men can swindle thousands of poor people in chit fund and then she can help them get away scot free. Mamata is hoping that if the Govt changes in the upcoming elections, she would be able to sweep the matter of Chit fund scams under the carpet.

And guess what foe turned friends Lalu Prasad, Arvind Kejriwal and Sharad Pawar have tweeted in support of the unconstitutional obstruction in the case in which thousands of people, mostly poor, were swindled of their hard earned cash and lead to a spate of suicides.


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