UNEXPECTED : 21 Lakh devotees make for Ayyapa Jyothi

Image Courtesy : organiser.org

21 Lakh devotees make a 765 km-long human chain linking the north and south of Kerala this Wednesday. Clearly showing the people mandate over the traditional customs of the Ayyappa temple in Shabrimala.

The chain of activists started at Kasargod in the north to the Southern tip of the state capital Thiruvanantapuram showing the solidarity against the Communist Government which is trying to dilute the traditional customs of the Ayyappa temple.

The chain was joined by several leaders across the state.

“This is being staged to open the eyes of those who are trying to break the traditions of the temple. Numerous women have expressed their unhappiness in breaking the tradition of the temple,” said Menaka Suresh, a hugely popular actress


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