Times Mega Poll 2019: 83% want Narendra Modi to win in 2019 Elections

Times Mega Poll
Out of a whopping 2 Lakh people who voted the opinion poll 83% showed their faith towards the Modi Govt. Image Source : TOI

Times of India conducted a massive opinion poll from February 11th to 20th. Over 2 Lakh voters expressed their opinion on the Upcoming LS Elections.

  • 83.89% of voters want to see Narendra Modi as Prime Minister. While 9% of want Rahul Gandhi
  • 83.03% believe Narendra Modi led NDA government will come to power in 2019
  • 63.03% of the voters believe Rahul Gandhi’s popularity has not changed since 2014
  • A whopping 59.5 % of voters claim the Modi Govt has done ‘Very good’ in past 5 years. 22% say ‘Good’
  • 34.39% say the Modi’s schemes for the poor are the biggest achievement in past 5 years (Read more here). While less than 18% vote for ‘Surgical Strikes’
  • Only 12% of the total voters say Intolerance is an issue under Modi government.
  • Failures : Ram Mandir(38% of Votes). Job loss – 22% of Votes.
Times Mega Poll
Times Mega Poll
The extreme poverty in India has reduced from 25% to 5% in past 5 years. Thanks to direct transfers and reduction in leakages
“No, Rahul Gandhi has not changed since 2014” : Voter
Though the past 5 years have seen tremendous amount of job creation. The demand is overwhelmingly more than supply. Over 1.5 Million new graduates are seek jobs every year
The narrative of intolerance has been repeatedly proved as a fake narrative. (Read here, here)
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