Tibet Row : Trump bans visa of Chinese officials who deny US citizen to access Tibet

Despite severe protest by China Trump passes the bill on Tibet


  • The United States President Donald Trump signed the bipartisan bill on Tibet into law that would impose a visa ban on Chinese officials who deny American citizens to access Tibet.
  • Trump signs bill on Tibet into law despite China protest
  • Tibetan Americans can now make a pilgrimage to their ancestral land.
  • The bill will promote journalists and reporters to access remote areas of Tibet.

US citizens including Journalists, reporters, government officials, tourists as well as relegious piligrims who seek to enter Tibetan areas are often denied to enter Tibet, and the few who do get in are forced to stay on strictly policed state-organized tours. The true situation in Tibetan is hidden from rest of the world.

The Tibetian Americans are the one who are the worst hit as they are almost and always denied the right to make a pilgrimage to their ancestral land. Nor they are allowed to meet their family members there.

China had recently made a “stern” diplomatic protest requesting US to not pass the bill as a law.

“Trump signed into law the ‘Reciprocal Access to Tibet Act of 2018′ which promotes access for diplomats, officials, journalists and others from the United States to China’s Tibetan areas.”, said the senate officials

The bill will promote journalists and reporters to access remote areas of Tibet.

The state secretary determines that there are restrictions on travel to Tibet, the appropriate Chinese officials will be ineligible to enter the US.

The Tibetan community described it as a historic moment for them. ‘Reciprocal Access to Tibet Act becomes law, marking new era of American support for Tibet’, said International Campaign for Tibet (ICT).

“This is truly a turning point for Americans, Tibetans and all who care about equality, justice and human rights,” said Matteo Mecacci, ICT president.

“By passing this impactful and innovative law, the US has blazed a path for other countries to follow and let the Chinese government know that it will face real consequences for its discrimination against the Tibetan people,” said Matteo Mecacci, the president of International Campaign for Tibet.

“The Chinese embassy and consulates routinely place such Tibetan-Americans under a more stringent and non-consular application process merely because they are of Tibetan-origin. This includes subjecting them to vigorous interviews by United Front officials, collecting personal and family information and eventually denying them access,” ICT vice president Bhuchung K Tsering said.

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