The Intolerance Begins

Maharastra Congress Party objects the release of 'The Accidental Prime Minister'. Claim the movie is a fake propaganda funded by BJP.

The film, based on real incidents, will be released on January 11

The Maharastra Congress party has been howling against the release of ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’. The party has raised it’s voice over the biopic of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh claiming its a propoganda by the BJP to gather vote in the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections.

Syed Zafar had said the film would not be screened in the state. “The film is so lowdown that we don’t even want to discuss it. We don’t want to give any unnecessary publicity to this film by protesting against it,” said the party’s Narendra Saluja.

But the film had already gained enough attention by the general public. The trialer has already received more than 10 Million views in just one day. If you aren’t one among them watch it here. If you have already seen it then don’t miss the Movie on 11th Jan.

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