T V Mohandas Pai takes on Unemployment : Debunks the false narratives of jobless growth.

Former director of Infosys and Chairman of Manipal Global Education T.V Mohandas Pai hit back at the false narratives of unemployment.

T. V Mohandas Pai and Yash Baid wrote to Financial Express in the article ‘Claims of jobless growth during Modi regime bogus; 18 million jobs in professional and transport sector alone in just 4 years’ .

He said ‘The addition to the GDP, at current market prices, during 2014-19 (2019 numbers are estimates) is over 28% higher than 2009-14.’

He later on compared the growth rate of UPA and NDA alongside with inflation.

“India’s nominal GDP grew by 59 lakh crore in total during 2009-14, with high inflation. In contrast, nominal GDP grew by 76 lakh crore between 2014-19, but with low inflation—demonstrating much higher quality growth.”

He also added ‘We had previously looked at the transportation sector (bit.ly/2FtPrSS), wherein we had estimated that this sector alone had added nearly 14 million jobs from April 2014 to December 2018.’

Unlike several fake news peddlers like Wire or ThePrint, T.V Mohandas Pai shot back with accurate numbers to back their argument.

The data included the graph comparing the GDP and inflation under UPA and NDA. In all 5 years under the Modi government the Inflation was much lower than the GDP growth clearly indicating the quality growth under the NDA govt.

The higher GDP growth under UPA did not benefit the people as the inflation was higher than the nominal GDP growth. Which means the increased earnings went back in higher expenditure.

Read the complete article on Financial Express.

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