#PakPremiPatrakaar trends after The Hindu fails to publish on the shot down F-16

The Hindu on February 28th reported the air strikes by Pakistan. The headline said ‘IAF plane shot down, pilot taken captive by Pak army’. The article was reported by Suhasini Haider and Dinakar Peri. The report did not mention that IAF has also shot down one F-16 of Pakistan. The report said ‘Government said IAF shot down F-16 of Pakistan while Pakistani Military denied any loss of any aircraft’. Clearly supporting to the Pakistani narrative.

Pakistan had claimed that they had captured two Indian Pilots. While later they changed their claim that only one Pilot has been captured.

Some reports say that Pakistani Aircraft had fallen in the PoK and Pakistan mistook it as an Indian Aircraft. The Pak F-16 Pilot had thought he landed in India and told he is an Indian when asked by a local. The local mob thrashed him black and blue to a semi-dead condition until the Pakistan Army came to a rescue. This misunderstanding led to Pakistan to claim two Indian Pilots were in custody, the statement that they took back later on.

Image of the Frontpage of The Hindu (28 Feb). The report did not contain any news regarding the F16 being shot down.