Car Rally from Delhi to Mandalay(Myanmar) : On 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma

Mahatma Gandhi Car Rally


  • A 23 day Car rally to commemorate 150th Birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi will begin from February 2nd
  • The Car rally will visit all the major places with historical association with Mahatma Gandhiji. In India, Bangladesh as well as Myanmar.
  • As a spin off the Road and Transport Department will also emphasize on Road safety in this car rally

The Ministry of Road Transport & Highways will organise a Car Rally to commemorate 150 years of Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary. The rally will travel through places historically associated with Gandhiji, both in India, as well as in Bangladesh and Myanmar. It will connect the places of significance in Gandhiji’s life, and simultaneously take up advocacy on Road Safety concerns. This is part of the yearlong celebrations to commemorate the 150th year of Mahatma Gandhi in India and across the globe, initiated by Government of India on 2nd October last year.

The Car Rally will commence on the 4th of February from Rajghat in Delhi which will also mark the launch of National Road Safety Week. The Rally will pass through Sabarmati, Porbandar, Dandi, Yerwada, Sewagram, Jabalpur, Lucknow, Gorakhpur, Chauri Chaura, Champaran, Shantiniketan and Kolkata in India before travelling to Dhaka in Bangladesh. It will conclude at Yangon in Myanmar on the 24th of February. The motor rally will cover around 7250 km to reach Yangon.

Car Rally route map

One of the highlights of the Car rally would be the crossing of the Gulf of Khambat by Ro-Ro vessels. The event is supported by the Ministries of External Affairs, Culture, etc. Receptions and Flagging off Ceremony and people to people interaction events will be held at various places in different states, through which the rally will pass.

The aim of the event is to spread the great values of Mahatma Gandhi throughout its route. The Car Rally will be a ‘Drive for Peace’ while remembering the great son of India in Bangladesh and Myanmar. It will also promote the message of safe driving on roads.

Detailed plan of the Motor Rally.

Day Date From / Departure Time To / Arrival Time Distance in Km. / (Driving time) Activity
1 04-02-2019 Monday Rajghat, New Delhi 10.30 am Ajmer, Rajasthan 7.00 pm 398 7 Hours Event Flag Off from Rajghat, New Delhi Night Halt at Ajmer
2 05-02-2019 Tuesday Ajmer 8.00 am Ahmedabad 8.00 pm 529 Km 9 Hours Ceremonial Flag Off Night halt at Ahmedabad
3 06-02-2019 Wednesday Ahmedabad 9.00 am Por Bandar, Gujrat 6.00 pm 394 7 Hours Morning prayers at Sabarmati Ashram Ceremonial Flag Off Visit to Birth place of Gandhiji at Porbandar Night halt at Porbandar
4 07-02-2019 Thursday     Porbandar, Gujrat 8.00 am Ghogha 321 Km 6 Hours Cross over to Dahej by ferry service and proceed to Bharuch
  Ferry Service from Ghogha to Dahej 31 Km 1 Hour Motor cars to be ferried through Ro-Ro service from Ghogha to Dahej reducing distance by about 200 Km.
Dahej Bharuch 6.00 Pm 53 Km 1 Hour Night Halt at Bharuch 
5 08-02-2019 Friday Bharuch 7.00 am Pune 8.00 pm 391 Km 9 Hours Enroute visit to Dandi Beach Night halt at Pune
6 09-02-2019 Saturday Rest Day at Pune   Visit to Yeravda Jail / Aga Khan Palace Night halt at Pune
7 10-02-2019 Sunday Pune 6.00 am  Wardha 8.00 pm 631 Km 12 Hours Ceremonial Flag Off Night halt at Wardha
8 11-02-2019 Monday Wardha 9.00 am Jabalpur 5.00 pm 353 Km 8 Hours Visit Sevagram in Wardha Night halt at Jabalpur
9 12-2-2019 Tuesday Jabalpur 6.00 am Lucknow 8.00 pm 531 Km 12 Hours Ceremonial Flag Off Night halt at Lucknow
10 13-02-2019 Wednesday Lucknow 9.00 am Chauri Chaura Gorakhpur, 4.00 pm 320 Km 7 Hours Ceremonial Flag Off Visit to Chauri Chaura enroute Night halt at Gorakhpur
11 14-02-2019 Thursday Gorakhpur Patna 365 Km 8 Hours Visit to Champaran enroute Night halt at Patna
12 15-02-2019 Friday Patna 9.00 am Dhanbad 6.00 pm 328 Km 7 Hours Ceremonial Flag Off Night halt at Dhanbad
13 16-02-2019 Saturday Dhanbad 9.00 am Kolkata 7.00 pm 321 Km 7.30 Hours Ceremonial Flag Off Rally to proceed via Shantiniketan Night halt at Kolkata
14 17-02-2019 Sunday Kolkata 7.00 am Dhaka, Bangladesh 9.00 pm 316 Km 11 Hours Ceremonial Flag Off Border crossing via Petropole
15 18-02-2019 Monday Itinerary as suggested by MEA
16 19-02-2019 Tuesday Dhaka 9.00 am Agartala 4.00 pm 157 Km 4 Hours Ceremonial Flag Off Border crossing
17 20-02-2019 Wednesday Agartala 9.00 am Silchar 5.00 pm 286 Km 9 Hours Ceremonial Flag Off
18 21-02-2019 Thursday Silchar 8.00 am Imphal 6.00 pm 254 Km 9 Hours Night halt at Imphal
19 22-02-2019 Friday Imphal 8.00 am Kalewa, Myanmar 258 Km 7 Hours Ceremonial Flag Off Border crossing at Moreh Night halt at Kalewa, Myanmar
20 23-02-2019 Saturday Kalewa, Myanmar 8.00 am Mandalay, Myanmar 6.00 pm 326 Km 8 hours Night halt at Mandalay
21 24-02-2019 Sunday Mandalay 8.00 am Yangon 6.00 pm 625 Km 8 Hours Night halt at Yangon
22 25-02-2019 Monday Itinerary as suggested by MEA
23 26-02-2019 Rally participants return back

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