Lok Sabha passes Triple Talaq bill amid opposition walkout

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  • The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill, was passed by the Lok Sabha with 245 votes for the bill and 11 opposing the move

Lok Sabha passes Triple Talaq bill amid opposition walkout : Says rights of women more important than vote bank politics

Dec 28 : Lok Sabha passes Triple Talaq bill despite tremendous opposition from the Congress party. The house clearly said the fundamental rights of Muslim women have been oppressed with this evil practice. And the government shall never compromise their rights for any electoral benefits.

Congress party had shocked the nation yesterday by suddenly changing it’s stance on the Triple Talaq bill. The party had always supported the bill claiming it honors the rights of Muslim women from the oppressive clutches of Shariah Law. The change is stance comes just months before the LS elections. Critics have said the congress party’s stance is purely electoral strategy to woo hardcore Muslim fundamentalists.

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The move by the Lok Sabha was welcomed by the women rights organization. Amber Zaidi, a women rights activist who had thoroughly studied around 40 cases of Triple Talaq, told “the move by LS is welcomed by the majority of Talaq victims. Most of the victims are poor, hence they neither have the money or time to pursue the cumbersome legal route. Criminalizing Triple Talaq would make their lives more secure and stable”.

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