JDS-Cong Govt in Karnataka increases tax on Petrol, Diesel. Blames it on Modi

In an extremely hypocratic move the Congress-JDS govt has increased the STATE tax over Petrol and Diesel

The Congress- JDS coalition government, on January 5th, increased the tax on Petrol and Diesel in the state of Karnataka.

Tax rates on petrol and diesel have been revised to 32% and 21% from 28.75% and 17.73%, respectively. The prices now stand at Rs 70.84/litre for petrol and Rs 64.66/ litre for diesel.

The government had earlier blamed Modi for increase in Petrol and Diesel price. But today, in an extremely hypocritical move, The congress-JDS govt increased the tax on the fuel.

Public Outrage

People in the state have already hit out the Congress-JDS govt.

Neeraj Kumar Tweeted

Unfortunately, mistook the act was taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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