Anshul Saxena : The Man who did what Zuckerberg must have done

Anshul Saxena took a vigil against the promoters of terrorism and did what Facebook was supposed to do. Ironically he was banned on Facebook

Anshul Saxena
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More than 40 CRPF Soldiers were martyred in the dastardly attack by the Pakistan backed Islamic terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammed. The world was shocked. The entire nation was in an intense grief. The victim’s families were shocked. But a bunch of miscreants, mostly journalists and Muslim students, started celebrating the terrorist act on Social Media. Some of them went upto the level of supporting the terrorist act. It has to be noted that Facebook and twitter has strict rules against promotion of terrorism. But in most of the cases Facebook and Twitter does not act against Islamic Terrorism. Even if it did it would be too late.

Anshul Saxena and his team took a vigil and ensured the miscreants got what they deserved. He also ensured the miscreants posts did not reach the victim’s families. Ironically, He was banned from Facebook for this vigil.

Promoters of Terrorism :

Nidhi Sethi, Sub-editor of NDTV promotes terrorism: Suspended for mere two weeks

Basim Hilal, student of Aligarh Muslim University: FIR Filed

Aabid Malik (Relegion – Sunni). FIR filed

Riyaz Ahmed Wani – Srinagar. Suspended

Aysir Rashid – Suspended

Iqbaal Khan – Suspended

One has to notice that most of the terrorist promoters are from a particular religion.

Despite the hardwork by Anshul Saxena he was banned by Facebook

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