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The South Asian Express is here to report you the news the way it happened. In the era where media houses are heavily influenced by political parties we offer the readers a neutral point of view. We are committed to provide unbiased news backed by facts. It is upto the reader to decide what is right or wrong. The South Asian Express is self funded and registered as HYPERWEB MEDIA PRIVATE LIMITED at Registrar of Companies, Bengaluru under Ministry of Corporate Affairs, India.

Our team consists of on-ground news reporters, editors, fact-checkers, analysts working all across the country to provide you the best story at the end of the day.

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The South Asian Express is committed to keep the internet free and open. All the content that is produced by the South Asian Express Team is licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0, unless otherwise specified. Which means anybody can use, modify and redistribute, the content, even commercially. For more information, please read the complete detail of the license here.

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The South Asian Express is committed to uphold the democratic values laid down by the forefathers of our country. We deeply value every opinion. Unlike several other newspapers we do not moderate your comments unless it is obscene or spam. Every reader is encouraged to involve in constructive discussions on discuss.sae.news (Beta) . For more information read our community guidelines.

The content of the South Asian Express is also provided through videos, infographics and animations. Feel free to explore them all.

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