A game of dice : USA in Focus.

This series will focus over geopolitical scenario behind such events that have a ramification around the world.


The picture of George Floyd, the man who died on the 25th of May.

The world witnessed a tragic death of an American citizen, George Floyd on the 25th of May. The details at best , suggest a slow process of asphyxiation done by the concerned police personnel where he is deliberately putting his knee over Mr Floyd’s neck. Mr Floyd is seen requesting them to let go of his neck as he cannot breathe but to no avail as the policeman didn’t restrain himself and even pressed it after he had passed out. Witnesses have been recorded expressing anguish and pain towards the incident. It was a bad sight. 

Following the death, the Minneapolis police fired the police men who were directly involved in this and it was followed by peaceful protests, however the violence followed and riots started springing in this tragic situation. Police cars were burnt and business establishment owned by every racial color you can find were targeted by the angry mob. The protests soon expanded in almost every major state and recent videos of rioters looting Louis Vuitton and Nike showrooms is worth noting. The president has sent in the national guard and has urged people to not use this protest violently for their personal gains. He even went a notch ahead and sent the national guard to many places hit by the violence. There have been incidents of policemen and women being attacked by a section of protestors and then protected by some of them after a brief realization. It’s bad and it’s getting worse day by day. 

Some elements have decided to use this and raise slogans and political subjects far away from the death of Floyd. Slogans of La ilahh , and graffiti of free Palestine have been seen in one such incident. Rioters are also looting stores and burning buildings , demanding to defund the police. The US has now listed Antifa as a “terrorist “ organization and blamed it directly for organizing riots and turning a peaceful protest into a potential civil unrest. LGBT flags were also raised in demonstrations in front of the US embassy in London and placards of “Black Lives Matter “ were raised in Berlin. 

So far, what does this tell you? 

Floyd’s death needs strictest of the punishment and an internal survey and investigation regarding the behavior of the policeman involved. The elements who have used this incident to play their political moves on the world chess board need to be separated from the justice of George Floyd and his family. And lastly, the reaction of human behavior and human violence in this. If we have to be honest and look at the facts behind many claims of these emotional protestors, it would probably show a different picture and that will happen at its right time. But for now, it’s evident that violence is a part of human behavior, whether perpetrated by an organic reaction or by an elaborate plan. 

George Friedman, while addressing a group of students  a few years back, spoke about how war is always a part of human civilizational history and no such century has been without one. Very mildly but with a tinge of salt, he spoke about the original uses and ideas of various parts of the mobile phones often used by the “Millennials”, “Baby Boomers” and the “Generation Z” nomenclature based generation groups in the world. But one important point that struck the most in his lecture about war and peace was his mild, good natured accusation towards the youth on their incapability of tolerating a war or admitting the situation of a war that arises from time to time. Whether it’s between two countries or two ideologies. He felt that the youth today, often spends it’s time in denial of it, rather than actually acknowledge it. This, in his informed opinion, created more problems of hypocrisy and short-sighted vision in interpretation. 

Now, this comes in light to what is happening with regard to Floyd’s death. With all the spice and drama of blood and fire, people across expressed shock and solidarity with the justice but even observed the extent of violence going out of hand because of certain elements who are allegedly spearheading these clashes. It’s worth noting that Floyd’s family have opposed the violence and the looting while the wife of the concerned officer who pinned him down has expressed solidarity with the peaceful protest and has filed for a divorce. 

Since the violence was shocking a lot of people, as well as the situation that led to it, I, however wasn’t surprised. Racial politics has been one place which has always led to such incidents and overshadow the necessary issue at hand. Be it the riots in the 90s where many black Afro – Americans had to write that their shops are owned by a “black” in order to avoid being targeted by the mobs or other psychological and social influences of the average individual who takes part in such activities is borderline combative and aggressive. 

The riots saw a return of such marking to save their business.

What did you really expect was going to happen then ? 

It’s a classic war of multiple racial, ethnic as well as political aspects that has again overshadowed the tragic incident and the importance of checking the autopsy report. The final report is yet to come in and it would shed more light behind the case. 

What’s even more interesting is that the Left and other militant organizations always make it a point to use such tragic cases and paint a grim picture of America. The arson and public property damage alongside using the poor soul’s pained words as your expression of protest shows the lack of civil and intelligence in the movements and the similar tactic of emotional use to stir sentiment in the public. Their dualistic approach to everything in life and inspiration over books written by Saul Alinsky that explains how to organize movements and use it tactically. Whether it’s a disagreement or a complete opposition, you are liable to be a fascist in their book. The sympathy they have from the media always portrayed the right as simplistic and direct as the Fascio gangs under Mussolini in Italy. Needless to say that most leftists often become historians due to a good memory, not due to good skills of analysing history. But that is another story. 

Finally , as people get used to this, a reminder comes infront of us. Humans beings are and will essentially stay violent in some aspect. No khadi clad, partially god – like perceived individual with a stick is going to bring that change and quite frankly, it’s not a healthy one either. The left, right, centre and other ideological directions will behave like this and your supposed love for peaceful discourse and a society being peaceful and full of knowledge is a myth. What you aspire for is very much a difficult process without the authority enforcing it. Whether you think evolution will be a game- changer or not in the future is for the future to decide. All we can do is, work in a way to inspire the reduction of such behavior and situations tomorrow. 


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