‘Robot’ joins the battle to defeat the COVID-19 virus – Developer Thanks RSS for the inspiration!


The pandemic times have brought the nation to a standstill and the Corona warriors namely Doctors, nurses, paramedical staff et al. are battling with the deadly virus to uproot its tentacles from the nation. The Doctors and nurses have their families too however, with the motto of ‘Duty first!’ they are combating the COVID-19 virus. Hence, it becomes necessary to safeguard the community of Doctors and nurses.

Setting a new precedent in a new kind of initiative, now technology has come forward for the safeguarding of the hospital staff. In the list of Corona warriors now a ‘Robot’ has also found its name being included. News from different hospital have already come that hospital staffs are also getting infected while giving treatment to the corona positive cases. Hence, to solve this problem the ‘Robots’ will now be serving humanity.

Engineers from Nipani in Belgaum District have invented a robot of 2.6 feet height. The robot can replace a nurse and can serve all purposes including treating, feeding and medicating a corona positive patient. The robot runs on a chargeable battery and can work relentlessly for seven long hours. It can be operated from any distance through the mobile internet. The robot is developed by the genius of Shailendra Parik, Thulasidaas Saalunke, Barat Kurape and Bhanudaas Salunke and they were financially supported by the VTU. The raw materials required for the development of the bot are from the local places in the Belgaum District.

The robots are now serving the hospitals in Belgaum and on receiving wishes from different parts of the country Shailendra Parikh said, “PM Modi’s ‘Make in India’ and ‘Be vocal for Local’ is the inspiration for this robot development. We worked day and night for the development of the robot and the motivation to work dedicatedly came by seeing the work of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and Seva Bharati. We are happy and proud of our output.”

The Robot Developers are all Swayaymsevaks from their childhood and have been attending the daily Shakhas. The development of robots by these Swayayamsevaks is an indicator that whatever field you be in, RSS’s all-round personality nurturing leads you to do your work as a tribute to the nation and contribute to the betterment of the society. Shailendra and Co. ‘s technical knowledge, as well as RSS’s values, helped them develop a Technological solution for battling the COVID-19 virus.

The robot developed for the service of humanity stands testimony to the fact that not just Doctors & nurses, police Officials and Cleanliness workers but the Engineers with their technology also have the role to defeat the COVID-19 virus.

News Source: Native Information Broadcast


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