JNU’s SFI unit distributes ration to Sanitation workers

Source: https://twitter.com/sfidelhi

On 04.05.20 the SFI JNU Unit did a third round of distributions of ration kits to sanitation workers. Workers of Max, Bedi and Sudarshan companies were not getting their salaries for up to three months and hence were finding it really tough.

The SFI JNU Unit has been able to distribute ration to 120 workers up till the 4th of May. 

On this note to reach out to the other Sanitation workers in JNU, the president of JNUSU writes, “Despite our efforts, some sanitation workers might have been left out and we understand that since distribution is happening in the morning, some whose shifts are in the evening might be left out. This is a request to all JNU students currently on campus.”


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