‘Aap toh Khuda Ho!’- Pregnant Muslim Woman’s gratitude to an RSS Volunteer

A pregnant woman from Gujarat started walking towards her home in Uttar Pradesh with her family as she did not have a vehicle to travel due to the lockdown. In this incident, the RSS volunteer helped the woman for safe pregnancy delivery and set an example of humanitarian service in front of the country. The couple then expressing their gratitude remarked, ‘Aap Toh Khuda Ho!’

Noor Mohammad, a native of Itha Goriganj, Thane Amethi in Uttar Pradesh, works as a weaver in Surat, Gujarat. In it, he is also being assisted by his wife Ishrat Mohammad Noor Mohammad. They also have a 3-year-old son, Mohammad Numan. The current Lockdown made it difficult for them to fill their stomach. Hence, on the 5th of May, they decided to return to the village, as they had only enough money and could not afford a vehicle, the family left Surat on foot. They started their journey by eating whatever found on the road however there wasn’t even enough stuff. Ishrat was pregnant and she was having more problems.

The onset of labor pains

On Thursday, May 7, in the morning, the family came to Jalgaon from the highway and stopped near the wooden bat sellers. Ishrat was having labor pains at that time. There was a lot of bleeding. As soon as the matter came to the notice of the bat seller’s family, they called and informed RSS Swayamsevak Kavi Kasar as he had helped many difficult situations. Kavi Kasar works to help the needy through the RSS’s ‘Sevalaya’. Kavi Kasar packed necessary food items and reached the spot with the ambulance. By that time, Ishrat was bleeding profusely and Noor Mohammad was feeling very anxious.

Kavi Kasar

Seeing that no one came forward to help, Kasar, relying on God did Ishrat’s delivery safely in the ambulance, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

After the delivery, all of them reached at Dr. Vilas Bhole’s (Jalgaon’s RSS Sanghachalak) hospital. After first aid there, Ishrat and her newborn baby were admitted to Godavari Hospital. Doctors congratulated Kavi Kasar and the family for taking the right decisions at the right time otherwise the incident was so serious that anything could have happened.

Disclaimer: The article was translated to English from the source: Sakal & ABP Maza