Amidst the Corona crisis, RSS Swayamsevak shares an unforgettable experience with a Police official

During these pandemic times, RSS’s Jankalyan Samiti, Mumbai could reach around lakhs of families and crores of individuals for the need of grocery and medical items. The Seva activity of RSS reached the Corona warriors too, i.e. Doctors, Nurses, and the Police officials and different volunteers could experience innumerable experiences amidst the Corona Crisis. In one such incident, we present an experience of Swayamsevak with the Police officials.

‘On behalf of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Janakalyan Samiti, I took a vehicle with a swayamsevak to distribute food in the Covid-19 disaster relief work. I met a Police officer and simply asked him, how is this experience? He said, ‘We have a habit of working in adverse conditions. This case is a bit different but we are given a lot of training and the entire police department is fighting together to save the country from this situation.’ I inquired about his house. He said that he left his wife and children in Baramati village as soon as he got an idea of ​​the situation so that he could do his duty for 12, 13 hours. The department had arranged the meal but at night but after going home he still had to prepare the meal. He thanked us for the activity of the food donation drive.

I was stunned!

The next day, I met another police officer during the food donation drive. I had a discussion with him. His family members include a wife and a 5-year-old son in Sr. KG. He said, ‘We go wherever there is any requirement, I don’t care much about me but I feel my wife and the child should be safe. But on contrary..’ pointing at the Swayamsevak with me he added, ‘We are on duty, but I look at your friend and think that he has six-year-old twin daughters, everything is fine at home, still with the motto of serving ordinary men he is present here day and night doing yeoman service. Your friend is like an inspiration for us and hence the negative thoughts vanish easily.’

I thought I will write about this and hence asked the policemen for a photo. He said, ‘Write about it but don’t mention my name and about the photo, there are so many policemen around, think one of these faces as of mine.

The conscientious policeman and my friend swayamsevak became each other’s inspiration and I decided to take inspiration and bow down to these great individuals.’