Doctors and RSS volunteers rescue Daily wagers on the International Labor’s Day


During these Corona times, many people have faced different kinds of problems, many lost their jobs, many were not able to pay rents, hence given the situation many decided to leave for their hometowns. However, questions like how to go back, how to reach their destination kept revolving around their minds. Due to the lack of transport sources, some of them actually started walking towards their hometown.

In one such incident, seeing such laborers walking towards their hometown Dr. Kishor Jain took his colleagues to Thakurapada on Nashik Highway and set up a free medical treatment center. Along with the medical help, eateries/biscuit packets and water bottles were distributed to each laborer. Dr. Kishor Jain is a practitioner at Goa Naka. Coincidentally this Seva activity of Dr. Jain was initiated on the 1st of May or the ‘Labor Day’. Exhausted laborers would walk long kilometers of distance and would sit under the tree for resting then Dr. Jain and his colleagues would take care of them with proper treatment. In whatever possible way they tried to explain to the laborers that it would be better for all to stay at their respective places however in such a circumstance the desire for going back home was too high. They also gave Electral powder to the laborers.

Dr. Jain and his colleagues have so far helped 1500 such workers in four days. The work is still going on and the norms related to ‘social distancing’ have been observed. In this work, Dr.Deshmukh, Dr. Pingale, Dr. Kishore Jain, Dr. Bharat Patil, and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh volunteers and other local social workers are constantly putting their efforts.


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