On the Labor’s day, RSS volunteers help GramPanchayat to aid laborers to reach their Villages


On Thursday 30th April, Mulshi taluka of Pune district, Hon. The Tehsildar appealed to the citizens of other districts stuck in the taluka to register at the Talathi(Village Accountant) office in that village. After this message was widely disseminated on social media, a large number of citizens/workers/laborers started gathering in front of the Gram Panchayat in the Industrial area, Pirangut. As all the names were expected to reach the tehsildar by 4 pm on the same day, literally thousands of citizens started registering their names. All names were expected to be sent in Excel format and the Gram Panchayat had only one staff available for this purpose. Recognizing the problem, the Gram Panchayat members asked whether the RSS Swayamsevaks would help regarding this matter.

In the next half hour, eight to ten Swayamsevaks came to the village secretariat with laptops and started registering on the computer. With more than 5,000 workers to be registered, it was impossible to complete the work in one day. Hence, the Tehsildar extended the deadline once again, it was decided to resume the work on Maharashtra Day – 1st May.

The requirement of men for data entry was conveyed to other Swayamsevaks at night. On Friday, Maharashtra Day, once again 15 volunteers were present at the Village Secretariat at 10:30 am and the work started. The village secretariat’s room looked like a war room of an IT company. Five of the volunteers from RSS did the work of filling in the information on the computer from their home. In two days, a total of 7824 citizens were registered by the RSS volunteers and submitted to the Talathi authorities.

Pirangut’s Talathi, Police Patil, Sarpanch, and Gram Panchayat members all appreciated and thanked the volunteers for their prompt availability and completion of all registrations after working for two days.

Needless to say, the Swayamsewaks had a different satisfaction on the day of Maharashtra Day and Labor Day when they agreed to serve the working class in other districts.


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