RSS coordinates with Govt. functionaries of Maharashtra State to aid the daily wage workers


During these Pandemic times, poor families are the ones to be affected the most, and to help them with food and other necessary supplies RSS’s volunteers have been on the ground. In another such incident RSS’s volunteers coordinated with the Government functionaries to reach out to the needy. The working president of Thane District’s Maharashtra Rajya Shikshak Parishad, Shri. Krishnakant Madhukar Malik, narrates his experience:

“Some families selling iron beds in Wardha and Yavatmal districts were living on the hill near Wanjale village in our Murbad taluka. Before the Corona crisis hit India, they had bought the raw materials for the beds and sent the rest of the money back to the village but due to the closure of the business during these ten to twelve days, they could survive with whatever remaining money.

Today morning I got a call from Abhijit Chandekar, District Administrator of RSS, Ambernath, and he told me that we have to help all of them and make arrangements for their meal today and take them to their village. A contact number of one of the family members named Mr. Pradeep Gadai was shared immediately. I immediately contacted Pradeep and asked for the necessary information viz. his location, the number of people along with him, the kind of help required. Then we reached the given location i.e. backside of the Nisarga Hotel and understood the situation. There were in total fourteen people, five men, four women, and five children. Along with them, many iron beds that were for sale and some beds which had their raw skeletons ready were lying near their warehouse. With no food left for lunch all five children, who were under the age of six, appeared to be starving. I contacted the Collector Shri. Kadam and asked over the telephone whether arrangements could be made to reach them through some Government’s functionaries. He said he was unable to do so but contacted the nearest police station and asked them to take a letter from the police officials so that they would not have any difficulty in traveling. Immediately I approached the Murbad Police Inspector Hon. Mr. Borate and informed him of the situation and asked him about the letter from his police station that would be required to take all the family members to their village. Recognizing the situation, he asked two members of the family to bring their identity cards and an application for the letter. Also, when we went to the police station, Mr. Borate said that the food packets would arrive in a short time, and generally, there would be ten or twenty extra food packets that would remain as excess every day, which I could take away for the family. Sunil Kumbhar and I went to my house and took xerox of Pradip Gadai’s identity card and prepared an application for the letter. When we reached the police station, Pradeep was not there and no food packets were left. Suddenly, Umesh Humane came there and after hearing about the situation out of his own will agreed to make a meal from his house for all the fourteen members. In the meantime, Police Inspector Mr. Borate asked us to fill in the names and other information of all the members going to Yavatmal and Wardha along with the application and also to fill in the information about the vehicles and drivers useful for the journey. It was very difficult to get a vehicle. After realizing that no one is ready to go more than 700 km during this pandemic time, a vehicle was arranged by Santoshji Chaudhary, husband of Murbad’s city president Mrs. Chhayatai Chaudhary.

Along with me, Sunil Kumbhar, Umesh Humane, Santosh Chaudhary made necessary arrangements for special permission, vehicle, and food at the police station. Pradip Gadai and the women and children were satisfied that they could go home in such a situation. Today, they have rented a warehouse and stored all their belongings in it. The families are satisfied that they will get up early tomorrow morning and will go to their village safely to their parents and relatives.”


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