Charity is never an exclusive endeavor – RSS experiences amidst COVID-19


During the pandemic times when India is struggling with the crisis of Corona, billionaires like Tata and Ambani are giving funds and other help to the citizens of the country.

On the contrary however Mr. Tiwari, an ordinary auto-rickshaw driver and an artisan of furniture in cushion Mr. Dadu Damu Bhosale, in coordination with RSS volunteers distributed 8 days of ration to 20 families of Pawar Pada in his auto-rickshaw. Pawar pada is a remote village of Varap Kaktari Adivasi Pada in Thane district.

The work of these ordinary men signifies that along with RSS innumerable men and different sections of the society participated in serving the humanity during the COVID-19 crisis.

In an another incident, a Facebook post which said,

“A close family friend called up & asked if I knew someone in the Dahisar area who could help an old couple as they urgently needed help to buy some foodstuff & they couldn’t move out during this lockdown period. I knew people from RSS were helping, so I contacted one of my friends who is also an RSS functionary. Within 20 minutes, my family friend called back to thank & inform me that the help for the old couple was arranged.

I called my RSS friend to thank him. He said, RSS is currently arranging food/help for more than 1 lac people in Mumbai. And further, to my pleasant surprise, the one who coordinated the help, on the ground, for this old couple is a Vice President of a very big private bank.

I asked my friend, if I can write this on FB. He said “No names. But do write so that people in need, know that help is readily available”

Blessed are such extraordinary donors who are worried about these affected feeble families and have come out risking their own lives. These incidents are promising and are one of the reasons which instill the confidence that India will win over this Corona crisis.

Truly, both of the experiences are a testimony to the fact that, ‘Charity is never an exclusive endeavor’


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