RSS’s Mumbai unit emerges as rescuers for the NE, Christians, Muslims and Transgender Indians

RSS has come to the rescue of the poor, needy & deprived at the time of this national calamity. Mumbai as we see is now the most affected Metro in the country. The RSS Unit of Mumbai has been on the field right from the 1st day of lockdown, a total 30 of Community kitchens were set up area wise through which daily 100000+ food packets are being distributed, not just food but even at the Bhag level (district) of RSS structure there have been packing centers through which 28000+ grocery kits were distributed to homes, especially the tribal areas of Mumbai where none had reached till then.

The Police department needs a special salute for their impeccable service they are rendering for our safety but as usual their safety & care was ignored. It was again RSS who came to their rescue, RSS Jankalyan Samiti distributed around 1000s of masks, sanitizers, Tea & Breakfast to the police on duty.

RSS Mumbai Mahanagar as they call had set up a Corona Mumbai Action Team with various services like Distribution of Food, Grocery, Transportation for Patients & delivery of essentials, Coordination with the administration & police, Coordinating with Hospitals & their requirements, Creating Awareness in regard to the government facilities & schemes & overviewing its implementation, Coordination with various NGOs & social organizations of the city and training for volunteers to handle primary cases & situations in case of emergency.

When it was noticed that the staff & doctors of major hospitals who stay far away are facing accommodation & food problems, RSS came forward to provide & its been continued to date. Many RSS volunteers have been providing food from their own homes. Many contacted volunteers through call, twitter, Facebook & the help was provided immediately. The Seva has been irrespective of religion, gender, caste, language.

A rag-picker Christain women went all the way searching for RSS office untill RSS swayamsevaks contacted on their own.

Even the transgenders were not left neglected by RSS swayamsevaks. When RSS offered them ready food packets they refused humbly saying only grocery was enough.

RSS Swayamsevak with Transgender

Many organizations came forward to join hands with RSS, viz. Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), Altamount Society, Rajasthan Mandal, Punjabi Global Foundation, Nar Seva Narayan Seva, Keshav Shrusti, Making a Difference Foundation, My Green Society, Hindu Jagran Manch, Shree Ram Seva Sanstha, Asia Restaurant.

Certain RSS-backed organizations like Seva Sahayog for example has distributed 560 liters of sanitizer to MCGM – T Ward & Nair Hospital, to 1000+ masks, 500 disposable gloves, 460 cotton reusable masks to KEM hospital. Along with medical help 1500 + grocery kits to the needy were distributed through a dedicated helpline. Through this helpline a few students from North East who were facing food problems from few days were immediately provided with food packets.

A Thankful note by Indians from North-East

Senior citizens who were dependent on maids for their medicines & food were left in distress. RSS decided to do a survey in most of the apartments where such couples or singles stay & then started providing medicines, food & ration as required. Following the activity they started getting calls from foreign countries from children of such couples or singles.

While the top functionaries of the RSS are constantly monitoring the pandemic situation, middle and bottom cadres are in implementation mode. More than 2046 swayamsevaks have been tirelessly working all round the clock to deliver Seva to the doorsteps of the needy and a total of 205 blood bottles have been donated till now.