Over 19 people were injured and more than 18 houses belonging to Hindus were set to fire by a Muslim mob on January 14th. The riots happened in the communally sensitive area of Bhainsa where the Muslim population is close to 50%.

The riots were triggered by the local Muslim youth who was intentionally riding a bike rudely on the road. When the local people warned him he consolidated a mob of around 100 Muslims to the spot. Around 1AM in the midnight, the mob started to pelt stones and set homes of Hindus to fires. While the victims called fire engines the rioters purportedly cut water pipes of fire engines that were trying to extinguish the flames. Nineteen people have been injured. A Hindu vahini worker has been critically injured in that violence.

Media Whitewash

While the town was burning with communal violence media outlets including The Hindu, NewsMinute and NDTV misreported the event as a local community clash. All the three news outlets did not mention the fact the rioters were Muslims. The entire scene was painted as a local community violence while on ground reality it was a organized riots by Muslims.

This was not the first time the Media had purposefully hid the religion of the perpetrator. Earlier Times of India had used Hindu Saint’s image to depict a Muslim rape accused


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