Supporters of Citizenship Amendment Act flooded to the venues of the Anti-CAA protest and registered their voice.

Citizens across the country have marched the venues of pre-planned anti-CAA protests.

Mumbai : Several supporters of Citizenship Amendment Act marched to the Churchgate station, Mumbai and demonstrated their support for the Citizenship Amendment Act. Ishita Joshi a supporter of CAA held a banned which said “We support the persecuted Hindus, Sikhs, Parsis and Jains. We support CAA”. Another large group of supporters held a playcard saying “We are Indians. We support CAB”. Another volunteer said “We welcome our persecuted brothers across the borders with open arms. We celebrate their homecoming”. Check the Images below.

Several volunteers from an organization named “Dynasty Mukt Bharath” had arrived to the venue with banners and pamphlets and demonstrated their opinion. Upon asking the motto of the march, a volunteer of Dynasty Mukt Bharath said “Dynasty Mukt Bharath supports the Citizenship Amendment Act on Humanitarian grounds as religiously persecuted minorities need India’s hand. When India says Vasudev Kutumbakam then does it not apply to minorities of neighboring countries?”

JNU, Delhi : Thousands of JNU students and faculty took to street in support of the Citizenship Amendment Act. The JNU Teachers federation provided the official support by holding the banner of (JNUTF) in the march.

Students and Faculty march in support of Citizenship Amendment Act

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IIT BHU : Students of IIT BHU came out of their rooms to educate the common man about the Citizenship Amendment Act. More than thousands marched across the streets with information pamphlets and banners to combat the misinformation about the Citizenship Amendment Act.

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IIT Roorkee : Students of IIT Roorkee took to streets against illegitimate usage of the institute name in protests and rioting. “IITs are for learning not for your politics” they said. The faculty and the students condemned the violence by the Jamia students and the involvement of outsiders in vandalizing public property.

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IIT Madras : Students of IIT Madras condemn the politicization of Institute. On December 16th around 50 students had raised controversial separatist slogans. And had massive media coverage. A student of the Institute wrote a open letter condemning the politicization of the Institute.

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