Congress supporters go mum after video of Manmohan Singh endorsing CAB goes viral


Congress leaders including Priyanka Gandhi, Jagdish Tytler and Ahmed Khan have been protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act for past three days. The group conducted a march in solidarity with the rioters who had vandalized public property and set public transport vehicles to fire. The supporters have gone mum after a video of Manmohan Singh endorsing the Citizenship Amendment Act went viral. The former Prime Minister had said –

“After the partition of out country, the minorities in countries like Bangladesh, have faced persecution, and it is our moral obligation that if circumstances force people, these unfortunate people, to seek refuge in our country, our approach to granting citizenship to these unfortunate persons should be more liberal”.

The discussion had happened in Rajya Sabha in 2003. Check out the complete video below. (Please read the manuscript if the video does not load)

Fact checkers who faked it!

Aam Aadmi Party’s proxy news portal The Logical Indian went ahead to claim that Manmohan Singh had not asked for granting citizenship on religious basis. But the former PM had clearly mentioned that only “minorites” should be considered. If you do not believe us you can watch the video yourself. In fact, the one page draft of Citizenship Amendment Act of 2003 also excluded 2003. Ironically, The Logical Indian also mentions the same but shoots at its owns shoes at the end.


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