Students of IIT Roorkee have took to streets with posters and banner in support of CAA and NRC. More than 100 students of IIT Roorkee came out for the protest to condemn the violent riots in Delhi and West Bengal. The posters said “We do not support Jamia and AMI”. Another poster said “IIT is for learners. Not for your politics”. They also condemned the exploitation the reputation of academic institutions to achieve political agenda.

On the wake of Citizenship Amendment Act several political organizations have misused the name of nationalized institutions to push their political agenda. According to our reports from IIT Madras, Several outsiders along with some students in IIT Madras held protest march in IIT Madras. The march also had massive media coverage. Students and professors in these universities had always raised concerns over politicization of the academic institutes. A recent open letter an IIT Madras student raised concerns on the anarchy type situation created by the outsiders and the media in the institute.

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In the outbreak of Jamia Violence it was also noted that several outsiders were involved in the alleged protest by the JMI students. Over 10 accused were taken to judicial custody by the Delhi Police all of whom were not affiliated with the Universities in any way. All the 10 accused had criminal background. The police also had confirmed the usage of petrol bombs to set the buses ablaze.

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