Anarchy of ‘Constitution’ saviors : Open letter from an IIT Madras student


The anarchy of ‘Constitution’ saviors:

With the current JMI’s violent protests, some students inside IIT-Madras dressed as saviors of Constitution, held a rally in solidarity with the hooligans.

No wonder, institute would obviously not allow such rally to happen, considering the protests turning violent in JMI. What do these saviors do then?

The Saviors have their independent student bodies(ISB), but Dean’s office didn’t allow for such rally. Hence coin a new term, ‘Students Collective’ (not ISB) and this messiahs of Constitution under the disguise of Students Collective push there agenda.

Now, the saviors are in large numbers(around 50+) there agenda is unfulfilled unless they get national media attention. Media as it is being claimed was inside campus for a symposium happening on KV grounds. It’s fascinating to know media like NDTV, Republic TV, Times Now had turned up for symposium in KV grounds (exactly the position from where rally started).

The moment sloganeering starts media jumps in from the KV grounds, wonderful arbitrariness of events, isn’t it?

Institute Police, was standing helpless as media was covering the entire event. Many by-passers asked for removal of blockage of road near KV grounds( aka Gajendra Circle), Institute Police had just one answer, ‘Media Sir!’. One student asked which ISB is conducting rally in the Institute. Police says, ‘none’ or ‘No Idea!’, someone asks do they have permission of the Institute. Police ‘No!’ or ‘No idea!’. On cross-checking with dean’s office for the permission of rally, it turned out to be a denial of any sorts of permission.

No point in blaming institute. Police, as there hands were tied by the ‘MEDIA’, media would’ve obviously projected this as, ‘Oppression of voices, FOE, FOS of students etc’.

What if, another group of exactly opposite agenda, or thought process, understands that this rally with help of media was without any permission! There possibly would be many in numbers for rally in Pro-CAA, just a circulation of poster is enough.

Now as a student of IIT-Madras, I have my career and goals for which I’ve come here. Many would argue, ‘Did this rally interfere in your career goals?’ The answer is ‘It didn’t explicitly!’

But in long run, such anarchy would set a precedent that institution can’t do anything if you have strength+Media, and institution would be just an watchful audience. Circulate posters, without any institute stamp, call media inside for reason of some or other symposium happening inside campus, the cake is ready!

As a student, its but obvious to expect that such anarchists are dealt with strong effects and an example is set to all students! Otherwise the reputation of institute is at stake too!

A student of IIT-Madras.
(The Article has been published as-is and has not been edited by the South Asian Express Staff. The South Asian Express has verified that the authors are indeed students of IIT Madras. The names of the authors have been redacted for privacy purpose.)

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