Volunteers of Kashmiri Youth Movement have come up with an initiative ‘Revive Sharada’ to revive the ancient sharada script.

Under this initiative the organization has published an app that can help you learn Sharada. The app has feature to convert any hindi character to Sharada script character. The app also has tutorials that help you learn the sharada script step by step.

Sharada script is an ancient script that was widely used in north and north-western India (current day Kashmir, Punjab and Pakistan). The script was in widespread use between the 8th and 12th centuries for writing Sanskrit and Kashmiri. It is a precursor of the Gurmukhī script, the official script of Punjabi.

The usage of the Sharada script steadily decreased following successive islamic invasions in the northwestern part of India. The resulting exodus of the Kashmiris and destruction of ancient texts by the invaders were the key cause of the reduction on its usage.

Today the script is rarely used except by the Kashmiri Pandit community for religious purposes.

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