Shekhar Gupta’s ThePrint faces flak after publishing fake quotes about Kashmiri Pandits

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The Print’s editor Shivam Vij recently wrote a controversial article titled ‘Why Kashmiri Pandits may never return to the Valley’. In the article he quoted several Kashmiri Pandit’s saying that they never wanted to go back to the valley. The article was shared more than 250 times on facebook.( analysed via It turns out that most of the quotes the author mentioned were actually cooked up and were never told by the people whom the author actually mentioned.

He quoted Arvind Gigoo “Arvind Gigoo is a retired English lecturer from Kashmir, now living in a flat in Jammu with his wife. He moved to Jammu after the exodus in 1991. I asked him why he never thought of returning and living in his home in Srinagar. He explained that his friends were now all in Jammu. It’s the same reason why he doesn’t live with his son in Delhi, the writer Siddhartha Gigoo. When Arvind Gigoo went back to Srinagar after many years, he felt like an outsider, because he didn’t know anyone anymore.”

Within two hours Arvind Gigoo’s son contacted his father and confirmed that his father had never said anything like that. He went on and demanded apology from Shekhar Gupta and Shivam Vij.

In the article Shivam Vij also claimed a Delhi based Kashmiri Pandit Refugee camp as a ‘township’. He quoted India Today Pooja Shali for the same. Pooja Shali an Anchor at India Today immediately tweeted that the entire narrative put forward by Shivam Vij was fake. She accused Shivam Vij for misquoting her and also shared the video showing the current situation of the camp. This is what she said –

Pooja Shali had earlier interviewed several Kashmiri Pandit Refugees at Jammu. She had covered their opinions of Abrogation of Article 370. Watch the complete video here.

The news portal ThePrint was founded by Shekhar Gupta was found spreading fake news multiple times :

  1. Shekhar Gupta led ThePrint publishes fake news again, USA denies reports of India informing USA before abrogating Article 370
  2. Shekhar Gupta and The Print fakes it again, blame Yediyurappa for a Kumaraswamy era scandal that names Congress leaders

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