“Stop spreading rumours and fake news” : IIT Madras students write open letter over alleged Islamophobia

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Over the recent case of suicide of Fathima Latheef, students of IIT Madras write an open letter to the ‘social media warriors’ to stop peddling with rumours and unverified news on social media.

The letter was signed by the students of humanities department of IIT Madras after three of their professor were targeted on social media with fake news.

The letter said “We extend our solidarity to her family and our full support and cooperation to the ongoing investigation Under these circumstances, we request everyone to stay away from unverified news and social media speculations

The letter added “We are all very disturbed by how the named professors are being put through a public trial, without investigation being complete. They are one of the most student-friendly and fair-minded professors we know.

“We request people to stop speculating about the events that led to her tragic demise until the invstigation is complete.”

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The letter comes just after several student organization including SFI, PFI and JNU BAPSA (Birsa Ambedkar Periyar Student Assosiation) accused Sudarshan Padbanabhan with derogatory remarks over the issue. Sudarshan Padbanabhan is one of the three professors who was named by Fathima in the note procured from her mobile phone.

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