Fact Check : Did IIT Student Fathima Latheef actually said “My name itself is a problem”? No, Maktoob media faked it!


Days after Fathima Latheef, a first-year student of IIT-Madras, committed suicide in the hostel room, several media outlets alleged religious discrimination by some of her faculty members had forced her to take the extreme step.

In particular, news outlets like Maktoob Media, The Cognate cooked up provocative statements claiming that her identity as Muslim was the cause of death. Several Politicians including Stalin and Asaduddin Owaisi quoted the news. The same statement was quoted in social media. Over 46k Tweets were tweeted with the hastag #JusticeForFathimaLatheef on November 13th which ranked consistently in top four in twitter India trends.

“She never said anything like that” : Fathima’s father Abdul Latheef

Maktoob media quoted Fathima’s father Abdul Latheef saying “She said that her name (Muslim name) itself is a problem there”. But when one of the student of IIT Madras, Biyas Mohammed directly interviewed Abdul Latheef he clarified that he had never said anything like that. He confirmed that Fathima had NOT claimed any religious discrimination in the campus but it was just the FAMILY’s DOUBT that the religion could have played a role. Nor in any conversation or in the suicide note Fathima had claimed any religious discrimination by faculty or students.

(Find the complete version of the interview here)

SAE Fakebuster Summary :

Claim : IIT Madras Student Fathima claimed religious discrimination in the institute.
Claimed By : Maktoob Media, The Cognate, Social Media
Fact Check : False
Confirmed By : Biyas Mohammed (During the Interview with Fathima’s father Abdul Latheef)

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JusticeForFathimaLatheef consistently trended in top-4 position on November 13th
Tweet by Asasudding Owaisi with Fake Quotes.

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