Is IIT Madras Islamophobic? This is what Muslim students say!


Fathima Latheef, a first year student from Humanities Department at IIT Madras was found dead at her hostel at IIT Madras. The suicide note released by their parents accused three professors from the Humanities Department.

Soon after the news broke out PFI and SFI claimed that the Islamophobia in IIT Madras was the cause of her death. But this is what Muslim students in IIT say-

Ajmal Hussain is a student of Humanities Department at IIT Madras who was also taught by the same professors as Fathima Latheef.

Another student quoted on the similar lines –

Vineesha Badabhagni, a former student who worked with Sudarshan Padbhanabhan said “I come from a background of multiple faiths and religions, and never was I discriminated by this professor. I thank him for inspiring me to work for social good.” Currently, Vineesha studies Public Policy at University of Pennsylvania. She undertook her research on Israel-Palestine conflict.

I am sorry sister. I am sorry we could not stop you from ending your own life. I am sorry on behalf of IIT community for…

Posted by Vineesha Badabhagni on Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Several propaganda websites claimed that the professors were “disgusted to see a Muslim name top every test”. It turns out this was not the case.

The South Asian Express team reached out to the students of IIT Madras to report the ground situation. A second year student from IIT Madras explained that the accused professor Sudarshan Padbanabhan did not have any history of discriminating students based on religions. In fact, there had been multiple cases when a Muslim student had topped in the courses he taught. He has also published several journals on Minority welfare and minority issues.

It was also be noted that the academic year of 2019 had started just 4 months ago and the freshers including Fathima had not even completed a single semester to obtain the grades. Which makes the accusations completely baseless. It was also observed IIT Madras has Islamic Study circles and Catholic groups that conduct event and distribute fellowship exclusively for a specific community while there are none when it comes to Hinduism, Jainism or other religions.

(Note : Author of this article is an alumnus of IIT Madras. Identities of the students and the authors have been withheld for security purposes. If you find anything wrong please report us at editor@


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