PM Modi meets innovator who built an aircraft from terrace of his home


PM Modi met with Captain Amol Yadav, an innovator who built a 6-seater experimental aircraft over a period of 18 years on the terrace of his home in Mumbai. The PM lauded this as an example of ‘Make in India’ as the captain constructed the indigenous aircraft from scratch on the terrace of his residential building.
Captain Yadav although, has faced difficulties in getting regulatory clearances from the Director-General of Civil Aviation (DCGA) to process his ‘Permit to Fly’ since 2011.
On hearing about this, Maharashtra Chief Minister Devender Fadnavis brought it to the notice of the Prime Minister, who directed the request to be processed quickly after which Captain Yadav got clearance from the DCGA three days ago. The Captain’s story of grit and determination embodies the spirit of ‘New India’ as an inspiration for the millions of young Indians who are engaged in the process of nation-building.

Captain Amol Yadav meets PM Modi
Captain Amol Yadav with Prime Minister Modi


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