Hajj and Jerusulem piligrimage ads on Tirumala Tirupati Bus tickets : AP govt faces flak


Highlights :

Ministry of Minority Affairs, (Andhra Pradesh) prints Hajj and Jerusulem Yatra ads on tickets of state run bus service (APSRTC) in Tirumala.Hajj an Jerusulem Yatra is sponsored by Gov. of Andhra Pradesh.Devotees protest against the advertisements promoting Jerusalem and Hajj Piligrimage

There is a special ordinance by Govt. of Andhra Pradesh which prohibits propagation of any other religious activities in Tirumala. The devotees are protesting against the newly formed Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy’s government for advertisements of Jerusalem & Hajj pilgrimage sponsored by Ministry of Minority Affairs (Andhra Pradesh) on the Tirumala to Tirupati Bus Tickets of the State Run APSRTC buses.

Translation: Hajj and Jerusalem Yatra at Budget Prices. We have Spent 39 crores on Hajj yatra in last 4.5 years for 7,288 passengers – Ministry of Minority Affairs (Andhra Pradesh)

Recently AP Government came into controversy for allocating shops to Muslims in Temple Lands of Mallikarjuna Swami’s Temple in Srisailam. Also, Jagan Mohan Reddy is a well known Christian Face in Andhra Pradesh. Also recently he has been accused of being anti-Hindu by BJP, after he purportedly refused to light the ceremonial lamp while inaugurating an event in the USA, where he is currently on a private visit. Also State Govt. have released INR 22 Lakhs for his family personal trip to Jerusalem.


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