WP Starter Pack SCAM | Mega Scam Unearthed by The South Asian Express Team

A new website registered in 23rd May 2019 has been caught involved in a mega scam. The website claims to sell thousands of premium and pro softwares, mostly wordpress plugins and themes, for a throwaway price of $29. The actual price of these plugins and themes cross $8000 as estimated by our team.

The scam was unearthed by the South Asian Express team when one of our developer noticed a facebook ad by WP starter pack. The South Asian Express legal team were immediately notified with this anomalous website.

The South Asian Express team contacted Elementor PRO and Tagdiv team (Developer of Newspaper 9 Theme) and confirmed that the entire venture is involved in an illegal bussiness.

More Analysis

No Office Address

The WP starter Pack does not provide any office address. We searched online and contacted our legal team to realize that there is no such registered company as “WP Starter Pack”. It is a common practice of scam websites to get fake endorsements by paying some fake users. Most of the endorsers were from Pakistan and some did not have any background in programming.

Why you should not buy this Scam?

WP Starter Pack is just selling the illegal versions of Software. They do not have the original license. The site misleads the users by saying all the plugins and themes on wordpress are under GPL license. This is not true. Only the plugins and themes released under wordpress.org is licensed under GPL. The themes and plugins sold outside wordpress.org website is not released under GPL. For Example, the Newspaper 9 theme is not released under GPL. If you use the plugins they provide you will be sued by the original copyright owner. There are automated scripts that check out the themes and plugins you are using and a sane enough pyright owner will find out you are using their plugin.

Consequences :

At the least you will be asked to pay the original cost of the plugin or theme. Which may cost you upto $8000.At the worst you will face legal action. And you might have to pay additional penalties and also compensate the legal fee borne by the developer.

I have already purchased WP starter pack – What should I do??

Do not use even a single plugin or themes that you purchased with WP starter pack. You can try contacting them for refund using their email – info@wpstarterpack.com . But it is unlikely that they will respond. If you have enough funds and time you can sue them by contacting the police. To assist any legal actions against WPstarterpack.com we have archived their entire website on web.archive.com and their registration details (partially available) on WhoIs.com.

At any cost do NOT use any plugins and themes purchased at wpstarterpack.com. You might end up paying as much as $8000 to the original developers.

Keep your credentials safe :

WP StartePack provides multiple payment options. If you are using your credit card or PayPal for payment ensure you change your PIN. Most of these fake websites make money by stealing your credential.

Potential Malwares

There are several such sources who provide Premium softwares for free. But there is a catch. While the seller purchases it at the original cost he will add a malware that would steal information from your computer. It is very likely that wpstarterpack.com might have insterted malware in it’s plugins and themes.

Sources of Endorsement

The South Asian Express team wanted to unearth the entire network that is involved in the scam. We checked out the sources of endorsement. Most of the endorsement is from Pakistan. It is very likely that WP Starter Pack is based in Pakistan considering weak enforcement of copyright laws in the country.