Address to the Nation by the Hon’ble President of India, Shri Ram NathKovind, on the eve of India’s 73rd Independence Day


Dear Fellow Citizens





Fellow Citizens














Fellow Citizens






मंदरम् कर्पोम्, विनय तंदरम् कर्पोम् 

वानय अलप्पोम्, कडल मीनय अलप्पोम्

चंदिरअ मण्डलत्तु, इयल कण्डु तेलिवोम्

संदि, तेरुपेरुक्कुम् सात्तिरम् कर्पोम्


This can be interpreted as: [I QUOTE]


We will learn both scripture and science

We will explore both heavens and oceans

We will unravel the mysteries of the moon

And we will sweep our streets clean too [UNQUOTE]


Fellow Citizens,



Thank You

Jai Hind!