‘Vote Goons to defeat BJP’ : says Atishi Marlena of AAP

Atishi Marlena asks voters to vote against BJP even if the opposition candidate is a goon.

AAP East Delhi MP candidate Atishi Marlena has publicly asked people to ‘Vote Gundas to remove BJP’. In a public speech in Delhi she said voters must “Vote that particular candidate who can defeat BJP at the center, Do not look at who the candidate is. One of my wellwisher from UP asked me whom do I vote in UP if all the opponents of BJP are Goondas (Goons). I told him to vote for the Goonda if he can defeat BJP.

BJP under Yogi Adityanath’s leadership has taken strong steps against the local goons. The crime rate has gone significantly down.

Atishi Marlena is well known in Delhi for taking bold policies to improve the education system in Delhi. The controversial statement might cost her badly in the upcoming phase of Lok Sabha Election.