What are your views on Shah Faesal resigning from IAS? – By Abdul Qadir



India you are considered a Hero, the moment you clear civil services or

IIT. And if you top the exam, you are a demi God. There is just too

much fixation for rankings in India. We forget that more than the

ranking two things define a good civil servant:

His integrityHis performance


Faesal’s have had an abhorrent and supercilious behavior for a long

time. Few months ago I wrote an answer and predicted, he will resign

soon after completing his course.

Abdul Qadir’s answer to What is your viewpoint on the disciplinary action taken against Mr. Shah Faesal?


the Govt was trying to counter the Burhan Wani propaganda instead of

being proud of being projected as a model youth he said the following


“Personal vulnerability apart, the very fact of becoming a part of a ridiculous debate is something which has disturbed me very much. Have I joined IAS to do a job or to become a part of your sadistic propaganda machine?”In fact when I qualified this exam I never thought of spending my whole life scratching the desk and if this nonsense around me continues, I might prefer to resign sooner than later,”[1]


only his language is pathetic but you can feel he has more than

sympathy for the slain terrorist. And he was just looking for reasons to


He followed it up by using an isolated incident to insinuate whole of India as “Rapistan”[1]. Let me tell you that Pakistan army & establishment is also trying to label India with the exactly same label in an attempt to defile India’s global image.

All this while he has been doing all sort of gimmicks like a typical politician to grab media attention. For example this story of his where he claims a colleague’s husband had sent a resignation letter and without due diligence it was accepted[2]. The story sounds fishy. Even if it is true, it’s an awful attempt to hide mistake of his department and project as if a lot of husbands are doing so. Faesal seem to have this problem of generalizing exception as norm as was the case in his “Rapistan” barb on people of India.



you see the language he has used on the social media, it’s yet again

similar to the language used in Pakistani channels and Pakistan army

stooges that Hindus have reduced Muslims to second class citizens.

Now here are few questions:

Why did he resign only after completion of his course (and not during it) on Indian Taxpayer’s money in an elite institution?Second

question is, if he feels that Muslims in India are subjugated than how

does joining the politics would change it. Because at the end of the

day, he would be following the same constitution that he was following

during his service stint.Third question is, what has his master

Omar Abdullah (under whose patronage he was writing incendiary stuff on

social media) done for Muslims? If he has failed to do anything, what

he would do differently as his minion that will change the condition of

200 million Muslim ?Fourthly, if he feels civil cervices was

bad than why in the same facebook post he said “one of my task here

after will be train and guide aspiring civil servants to help him

achieving this dream”. Do you think people of India are some kind of

fool?Fifth why his language and terminologies on social media

have eerie similarity with those in Pakistan media and radicals in

Pakistan army? I wonder if he condemns the likes of Hafiz saeed, Afzal

guru, Burhan wani, Zakir Musa.


this guy thinks he is smart and rest are fool. His behavior especially

his resignation post on social media shows lot of contradictions, and

lack of integrity. If he doesn’t condemn Burhan wani and terrorist

outfits like LeT, Hizbul as a terrorist, if he refuse to condemn terror

camps & human right violations in Pakistan, one may feel he is directly or indirectly, knowingly or unknowingly acting as a wahabi stooge of Pakistan. Challenge him to condemn Burhan wani, Hafiz Saeed and Afzal guru as terrorist, I am afraid he will back out. It’s also a wake up call for the selection bench to have tougher mechanism

to filter out radicalized and hateful people like Shah Faesal in elite

services. The people from disturbed regions must be given home posting

only after they have spent considerable time in any other other part of

India. Also it’s a wake up call for others that topping the civil

services don’t make you a good civil servant. Performing your duties

with integrity is what makes you a good civil servant. For me a sweeper

or a peon performing his duties honorably is far better than a person

like Shah Faesal.


[1] Action against IAS topper Shah Faesal for ‘rapistan’ tweet triggers controversy[2] Kashmiri IAS officer’s post about his female colleague’s ‘resignation letter’ goes viral

The Article was first published on Quora and has been republished on The South Asian Express with Author’s permission

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