“Serial Bomb Blast” or a “bunch of hooligans”, which is a more scarier scenario for you? – By Abdul Qadir

A fire brigade personnel run in front of the train which blew up due to bomb blast at Matunga on Tuesday. Express photo by Neeraj Priyadarshi, Mumbai, 11/07/2007 *** Local Caption *** A fire brigade personnel run in front of the train which blew up due to bomb blast at Matunga on Tuesday. Express photo by Neeraj Priyadarshi, Mumbai, 11/07/2007

Original Title : In light of the Naseeruddin Shah controversy, do you think the previous Congress regime was safer for people of India than the current Modi regime?

“Serial Bomb Blast” or a “bunch of hooligans”, which is a more scarier scenario for you?


of the biggest mistake that an educated youth can do is to make his

opinion based on opinions of others. When Someone like Naseeruddin Shah

says that he fears more in current regime as compared to the previous

one, than we don’t know if his opinion is based on facts, statistics or

some personal bias. So if you want to have an educated and cerebral

opinion you can continue to read else if you are too lazy to read a

touch longer article, you can move on with the apocryphal “love stories”

on Quora.


coming to Naseer’s statement, Let’s compare the two regimes i.e the The

current central Govt and The congress from the prospective of terror

incidents during their respective rules.

The terrorist attacks in India can broadly be classified as Isolated Bomb Blasts, Serial Bomb Blasts and Gun attack. In the current analysis I have classified the attacks in 4 categories, based on number of causalities:

A terrorist attack causing 0 to 10 deaths is classified as Medium ScaleTerror attack causing 11 to 20 deaths is classified as StrongThe one causing 21 to 50 deaths is classified as ExtremeAnd finally the one causing 51 and above causalities is classified as War scale.

Red color is used to highlight Serial bomb blasts and terror attacks which have caused mass scale death of Indians. More the red, more the terror in the table.

Here are the statistics for the congress[1][2]:


Now following is the data related with terrorist attacks during the current regime.


Now let’s proceed with the comparison.


Following is the tabular comparison between Congress and than BJP based on type of attacks.

From the comparison it is very much clear that the UPA Govt witnessed far more terror attacks.Congress

regime witnessed an unprecedented number of 22 Serial Bomb blasts (dark

red) while the BJP has been able to thwart it completely as of now.Congress

witnessed a total of 19 war scale and Extreme level of terror attacks,

the BJP regime on the other hand just witnessed just a couple of such


4. At least 19 States in UPA regime witnessed terror attacks. Maharashtra

being the worst effected with 7 terror incidents and 470+ causalities.

The BJP has managed to bring down terror attacks to almost zero in

Maharashtra. That’s a remarkable turnaround. While 12 states in Congress regime witnessed more than one attack, the number is 4 for BJP.


One of the terrorizing feature of UPA regime was that almost all metros

(Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad, Bangalore etc.) faced terror

attacks. In stark comparison, the BJP regime there has seen Zero attacks

in metros.

5. In

congress regime, even tier-2 and tier-3 cities like Ludhiana, Varanasi,

Jaipur, Gaya, Pune etc. witnessed terror attacks. In current regime most

of the attacks are in Kashmir or in Naxal areas. So the tier 2 cities

too were by and large free from terror.


Under the congress regime India witnessed 9 consecutive serial bomb

blasts in 2008 and Mr Manmohan Singh remained a mute spectator. The army

under after the Uri attacks got the political nod to give a counter

punch. And it was appalling to see the congress and allies even casting

aspersion on the valiant reply by the army.


The data clearly shows that there has been a great reduction in Extreme

and War-scale attacks. The casualty count has been reduced to 217. And a

lot of those casualties are in Kashmir where Army is is virtually in

the state of war thanks to the operation “All out” to flush out

terrorists with brute force.

Now let’s move on to the Naseer’s comments.

The lynching debate and Naseerudin Shah.

I found from a source 28 people have died and 128 injured in last 4 years[3]. Most of the data that I have found to be centered around cow and the BJP regime. Even The Hindu, whose owner has admitted his dislike for the current PM, has maintained a database from 2015 onward and has made no attempt to delve out old data to at least put some comparison (which their readers deserve)[4] One sided fact rummaging clearly indicates a certain bias and an attempt to build a narrative.


Naseer says he fears for his son, he is trying to build a narrative.

Does his son work in cow industry that he fears for him? Is the current

scenario more fearful than Bombay of 1993 when bunch of religious bigots

bombed hundreds of people. Or is the scenario more fearful than 1989

when under Rajeev Gandhi’s Bhagalpur riots continue to happens for

months. or the scenario more fearful than the early 1980s under Indira

which further exacerbated by her son by allowing the Sikh massacre to

happen at the hands of his supporters and congress workers? Or is the

scenario more fearful more fearful than year 2008 when India witnessed 9

serial bomb blasts across the country . Things become suspicious when

his brother also joins the debate. It’s worth to be mentioning that his

brother Zameer Uddin Shah has been a beneficiary in previous congress

regime when he was made as VC of Aligarh Muslim University with an utter

disregard to UGC guidelines. So one can easily doubt their intentions.

If both brothers traveling in their posh cars can fear by 28 deaths than

why thousands of deaths doesn’t bother them one bit. There is a clear

bias and quite possible for personal benefits. Why Naseer when he goes

to Pakistan praises the country for being loving and doesn’t dare to

criticize for their terror activities? Last year he went to Pakistan and

said being in Pakistan feel “like home”. Why didn’t he raise voice against Hafiz saeed or terrorist camps in Pakistan?

On political Patronage to radicals:

Nasser is right on asking for one thing that political patronage must be taken to task. For example Minister Jayant Sinha garlanding cow lynchers was appalling. But at least the Prime minister condemned the vigilantes. While Sonia Gandhi patronized the Indian Mujaheddin terrorists according to her top party sources by having “wept bitterly” over the Batla house encounter[5].

No emotion for a brave a police officer and encounter specialist who died in the encounter though.

Congress top leader have in the past promoted Wahabi terror ideologues like Zakir Naik, who condoned terror acts of fellow Wahabi Osama Bin laden[6]. There is a reason why Digvijay used to refer Osama Bin laden as Osamaji[7]. In an interview, Hafiz Saeed, India’s most wanted terrorist and 2008 attack master mind praised congress as a better party. Why would he do so? Because he and his men have found it easy to operate in congress regime. When nation was gripped by terror in the Bombay attacks in 2008, Rahul Gandhi was partying around.

No wonder Hafeez saeed sees a “good future of India” under Rahul.

Conclusion: Serial bomb blasts vs lynching

No doubt that there is an increase in number of cow related violence. But if we go by pure statistics, the current Govt have done phenomenally well in throttling the serial bomb blasts which were mainstream in congress regime. At least a common man don’t have to fear when he is in Bus, Train, Theater, Bazaar. Still remember the time when a bag left in railway station or Bus stand used to scare me in the backdrop of 2005 Delhi Bomb blasts and 2006 Mumbai Train Bombings. Elites who don’t travel by Bus and Train will never understand what fear is. Remember how Congress Home minister (RR Patil) back than attempted to brush aside the 2008 attack as “just another small incident in a big city”[8]. Quite a lot of elites like him care more about themselves than the common man.

I could have been a bit politically correct. But for the sake of national security, I won’t sit on the fence. Terrorists were emboldened to attack India frequently under congress regime because of their pandering to wahabi elements and indifference towards the plight of common people. Even in present times congress supports leaders like Hardik Patel and Jignesh Mewani caused castist riots in the country something (Bhima Koregaon) which the high-court observed yesterday[9].

Naseer’s statement is prejudiced and in all probability in hope of rewards like his brother was given by congress by appointing him as AMU VC with zero teaching experience[10].

Haaris Khan has also covered this topic wonderfully in his video.

The Article was first published on Quora and has been republished on The South Asian Express with Author’s permission

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