What are your views on recent terrorist attack on CRPF in Pulwama? – By Abdul Qadir


Religion is being used to justify suicide bombing and hate for others


20 year old Suicide Bomber rammed his explosive laden bus into CRPF

(Central Reserve Police Force) Bus and causing the biggest loss of life

of our forces since 2010. Suicide bombing is not a new phenomenon. It

has happened in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan etc. But for the first time in

India. So it becomes important to analyze what ideology drove him to be a

suicide bomber.

I was reading about this guy and came to know that he was working at a saw mill. He then took up courses of religious studies.

Dar had studied till Class 12 and then taken a course in religious studies. “He wanted to become a cleric and had already memorised eight chapters of the Quran,” said his father[1].

Within months of joining the religious course, the timid, guy disappears and became a suicide bomber. I was watching the video of the suicide bomber which he had posted before blowing himself up[2].

Using Quranic words to justify hate against a community:

He was repeatedly using the terms like Mushriek

(Polytheist or somebody who prays another god other than Allah), which

are mentioned in the Quran, in a contemptuous way to describe an Indian

community. He was repeatedly using the term “gaay ka pishab peene wale” (Cow urine drinkers), something the Wahabis in

Pakistan to justify their superiority over Indian Hindus. Apparently,

he was in touch of somebody who was a Pakistani or had a great influence

of Pakistan where he had picked up that lingo.

The lure of Hoors: A bait for a suicide bomber

In one of his opening statement the Pulwama bomber had a word of advise

Apne kirdaar ko bedaag rakho, jannat ki hoorein tumhara muntazir

rahein” (Keep your character so clean, that the virgins in Heaven yearn

for you)…..(Pulwama Bomber)

This may sound preposterous or even hilarious to some, but a lot of Muslims particularly Wahabi Muslims believe that a martyr for Islam is awarded with 72 hoors up in heaven by Allah. This notion has been reinforced by influential Wahabi terror ideologues like Zakir Naik in their programme[3]. Zakir Naik in fact has justified Suicide Bombing as a last resort, under guidance of a “learned man”[4]. Why I am citing Zakir Naik is because he has gained a cult status among W ahabis and they actually cites his interpretation as a reference.

Wahabism: the political ideology to use religion for political purposes


works by spreading hate against all other religions and use religion as

a tool to turn followers into a hateful army. The hate is further

channelized by the certain “religious” politicians to motivate gullible

youths into doing terror acts.

For example the “hoor in heaven for Martyrdom” Philosophyhas

been successfully used to recruit youth frustrated with life to

channelize their frustration in terror acts. This single ideology has

lured so many youths into doing suicide bombing. As we can see in the

video of the Pulwama bomber, how solemnly he says he will be getting

hoors in heaven.

An attack similar to Pulwama happened on Iranian army which took lives of 27 Revolutionary guard[5]. And the attack happened on the same date. Like the Kashmiri terror attack was carried out by Jaish e Muhmmad, the attack in Iran was by a sunni terror group Jaish al-Adl (Army of Justice) which has found refuge in Pakistan. May be it was to gain praise from Saudi Arabian crown prince who was scheduled to to visit Pakistan and dislikes Iran.


it has to be accepted that attack was religiously motivated and

manifestation of growing Wahabism in Kashmir. In Pakistan, the

environment of radicalization is so grim that not one major celebrity in

Pakistan condemned the loss of lives in Pulwama just like what happened

during the Uri attack. Even those like Rahat Fateh Ali khan, Atif Asal

and Ali Zafar who earned so much from India have shown no remorse at the

attack. Now humanity in Kashmiris fast eroding like Pakistan and the

suicide bombing and its brazen celebration by few youths is a

manifestation of that.

I think its the responsibility of the Islamic scholars and clerics to counter the hateful ideologies. Ask them can the Quranic meaning of Mushrik can mean Hindu as the Pakistanis and radical Kashmiris are trying to project? Because if it can be then, they can easily misuse the verses ( e.g. 9:5 )to justify the Pulwama attacks to radical low idiots like Adil Ahmad. Ask them can drinking of cow urine as medicine be used to look down upon Hindus? Ask them that do they know that Prophet had recommended camel urine as a medicine and that in Gulf countries camel urine is actually consumed[6][7]? How different is cow urine than camel urine?

This matter has gone out of hand, and if such hateful philosophies and myth are not countered publicly, a lot of stupid fellows may fall pray to terror ideologues like Zakir Naik and Hafiz Saeed. First start by countering the hoor for martyrdom philosophy which is inspiring suicide bombers.

The Article was first published on Quora and has been republished on The South Asian Express with Author’s permission

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