#GoBackModi : It is Pakistan that wants Modi to go back not TN |Read More

Twitter trended with #GoBackModi as Modi visited Kanyakumari today. The trend #GoBackModi had been trending in twitter whenever Modi had visited Tamil Nadu. Today it was trending at the 9th Position.

But it turned out that most of the users who are posting #GoBack Modi were from Pakistan. In fact #GoBackModi was trending 9th in India(Image above) while 2nd in Pakistan(Image below). Clearly showing social media sabotage by the Pakistani Social Media Users. Apparently more than 58% of total traffic about Modi’s visit came from Pakistan.

This was not the first time the Pakistani users have trended anti-Modi hashtags. Earlier in March 2017 #DalitLivesMatter trended for more than 24 hours. A similar plot was made when Maoist sympathizer was arrested. Times now had unearthed the sinister plot earlier in July 2018.

A similar plot was done by Russia during the US Presidential Elections in 2016

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