Rahul Gandhi busy on his mobile phone while others pay homage to Pulwama Martyrs

Rahul Gandhi

At least 45 CRPF personnel were martyred in a ghastly attack in Pulwama. While the leaders across the nation were paying homage to the fallen martyrs Congress president Rahul Gandhi was busy watching his mobile phone as if nothing has happened. Nor his expression showed any grief.

It has to be noted that Congress has previously shown no respect for the Indian Army. In 2017, While China had invaded Doklam, Rahul Gandhi made a secret meeting with the Chinese officials. When asked the reason for the meet he went ahead and gave a blatant lie saying he never met the Chinese officials. He accepted only when the Chinese ambassador confirmed that the secret meeting actually happened.

This was not the only time Rahul Gandhi was caught backstabbed the nation. In 2018, he planned a Kailash Yatra. He posed several pictures mentioning the serenity of the region. But in reality it was nothing but a secret meeting with the Chinese officials.

In recent times, Rahul Gandhi has been very well known for his exposes on the Rafale Deal. He accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi for irregularities in the Rafale Deal. It was later revealed that the Congress wanted to buy Eurofighter against Rafale which was more than 20% expensive than the Rafale. And the middleman for the deal was none other than the infamous Christian Michel.

Nowadays, Rahul Gandhi has been seen flooding with crocodile tears hear and there. One must not forget his true intentions and ideologies. If the nation has to progress we need a strong, incorruptible leader for whom the national interest should always be the first priority. And, as of now, Rahul Gandhi is nowhere close to it.

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