Rahul Gandhi in UAE : Key Points

Rahul Gandhi today gave a speech in UAE at the International Cricket stadium, Dubai.

The event was under the banner “Gandhi 150 Years”. The event was for over 2 hour 27 minutes. Mostly filled with colorful Indian Classical performances. Rahul Gandhi took to the audience in the last 27 minutes. Here are some key highlights.

Humility is the key of UAE’s success.

Rahul narrated his experience meeting with the Vice president of UAE. He told that the Vice president is embodiment of humility and has no arrogance. The humility has brought great success to the nation, he added.

Tolerance and divisive politics

“When I drive through UAE, I see your energy, blood and sweat. You have helped build this nation, and I feel proud that you have played your part with dignity, togetherness and tolerance,” The Congress president said. He added “India has seen four and a half year of Intolerance”.

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Divisive policies in India have stalled it’s development. “This is a cricket ground. Can a cricket team win the match if bowlers and batsmen do not speak to each other? This is the situation in India”.

Special Status for Andra Pradesh

Rahul Gandhi shocked the crowd by announcing that he would provide special status to Andra Pradesh if Congress comes to power. This comment was contradicting his previous attack against divisive strategies in Indian politics.

The majority of the event was featured Indian traditional dances. Performers from as many as eleven states performed dances. The event was also featured with several patriotic songs.