MUST WATCH : The ‘Accidental Prime Minister’ brings back the memory of the people’s struggle to oust Congress

Courtesy : mapsofIndia

The movie starring Anupam Kher is intended to remind people the unfortunate regime of UPA.

It’s a weird phenomena. 5 years ago the nation had almost everything it shouldn’t have. Inflation had reached 10%+. Corruption had broken all the records. National security had gone for a toss.

Bofors scam, 2G scam , Sathyam scam, Common Wealth Games scam, Chopper scam, Coal scam, Tatra truck scam, Aadarsh Scam, Boeing Scam, And the list goes on

There was nothing called International relation as the top leaders shunned with zero diplomacy. Farmer’s life were ruined as the Gov was not able to pay the minimum support price.

People protested against the incumbent government and a movement came up(Anna Hazare and Team). With a lot of efforts people puled down the corrupt Government.

Now people have forgotten all the bad days. Things are working fine. Economy has stabilized. The real GDP has significantly raised. Entrepreneurial opportunities have increased due to decreased amount of barriers. Minimum support price has raised by 150%. Production has increased despite record low inflation.

People find it hard to compare the two and make wise decisions during the elections. And here is where the media comes to rescue.

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