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Original Title – Why did India witness a disproportionate number of scams during the UPA regime (2004–2014)? – By Abdul Qadir

If you are expecting a utopia in a democracy, I feel you will never going to get one. Every regime in India have had some sort of scam. And Indians have pretty much get used to it. Haven’t we?

But then the scams in UPA regime were so huge that it shocked the common man out of slumber.

Who remembers this headline?

And then it sort of opened a nasty pandora’s box, and the media unveiled scam after scam. And the the numbers were so big that the scams that we have had seen so far start to appear like pocket money for politicians.

So there has to be a big reason for this sudden spike in corruption. To understand it lets go back to the history.

We know in the medieval ages almost almost all rulers were exploiting the poor. But what why this exploitation became unbearable when the Europeans started taking over India? Because there was a net outflow of money.

What was the Modus Operandi of Europeans (particularly the British) to loot India:

  1. Find the traitors within the kingdom
  2. Connive with them to depose an existing king
  3. Find a puppet, a yesman who could act according to will of Britishers
  4. Build a network of minions who would help in milking the common man of India
  5. People will start hating the puppet, then overthrow him to takeover the kingdom directly.

I remember having read in school the battle of Plassey in which the British came to power for the first time through traitor Mir Jafar. British didn’t try to rule directly, instead they installed a Puppet. Why British avoided direct power for the first time? Because they were smart enough to know that may invoke retaliatory sentiment of an abrupt take over by a foreign power. The people of India wouldn’t realize that they have been taken over. What they controlled was the Indian finances. They looted India but the blame blame for that went to the puppet in eyes of common man. Eventually when people get fed up with the puppet, British overthrow him out and themselves come to power directly or replaced with another puppet.

If you have basic idea of politics something similar happened in the UPA regime starting 2004. Still remember the whole drama of sacrificing the chair of PM. The Lalus, the Karunanidhis helped form a Govt led by a puppet PM, Manmohan Singh. Under his regime not just India witnessed scams of astronomical figures but also the terrorists were emboldened to bleed India with serial bomb blast after serial bomb blast across the country.And where was media all this while? Well the amount was so huge, that some of them sold their souls.

A journalist of a top news network was caught on tape (Radia) acting as middleman/broker between politicians and corporate[1]. The news network instead of sacking her, stood by her. What does it suggest? Years later, this news network booked the Rashtrapati Bhavan to celebrate its 25 years in 2013[2]. Imagine since when Rastrapati bhavan started to be booked for a private event. And things become clear when in 2017, Income Tax Tribunal indicts the very newsnetwork for a 642 crore money laundering case explicitly stating that the then Govt helped them[3].

When two pillars of democracy, the executive and media is blighted, and controlled by somebody with foreign connection, you know trouble is on the cards. A foreigner not born in the culture would hardly have emotional contact with people. For him or her India would be just the source of income.


When Lalu was convicted in 2013, the UPA tried to bring an ordinance to reverse the Supreme court ruling of disqualifying law makers convicted of crimes carrying sentence more than 2 years. This was an apparent effort to help Lalu Prasad who was set to be convicted[4]. Could this have been without a nod from Sonia Gandhi? And when congress/ Sonia realized that the decision is getting them a lot of backlash from public, they/she got Rahul Gandhi to brazenly tear the ordinance sending out a message that India have a bigger authority than the PMO[5].

Manmohan gulped this humiliation too. I sincerely feel, he may or may not have respect for himself, but for the sake of respect of the chair of PM, he should have resigned there and then only. If we have such a weak PM who can endure such grave insult from a semi mature politician half his age, how can you expect strong decisions from him? After the battle of Palssey, when British had installed their Puppet, the East India company not only officially looted Bihar and Bengal but their corrupt official secretly amassed huge personal wealth too. Didn’t the same thing happen under the puppet rule of Manmohan?

Nobody has dared to ask Sonia Gandhi till now how come two of the biggest scams in the country, The Bofors and Agustawestland have an Italian connection with middlemen having links to a certain political family in India. Ravish Kumar or Shekhar Gupta never felt that year to question Sonia Gandhi. Obviously because their income was coming from a news-network which was a major beneficiary of the congress regime. But we as Indians are used to corrupt regimes. We have still people who glorify the maharajas who worked as Puppet under British. Similarly we have people who glorify the Manmohan rule under Sonia Gandhi despite the scams of astronomical numbers and the repeated serial bomb blasts.

To conclude, why we witnessed unprecedented scams? Simply because we had a weak, servile, submissive PM who wield almost zero influence on the party and who was ready to take any blame on himself shielding those who were controlling his strings.

This is just what Karnataka CM has to say this week.

We deem the British rule over us through their Indian cohorts (the maharajas, Zamindars etc.) as a cunning method to loot us, what was different during the UPA regime? And how did we expect the outcome than the British times? History repeats itself just the characters change.


The Article was first published on Quora and has been republished on The South Asian Express with Author’s permission

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