Has Modi’s Pakistan Policy completely failed?


One of the biggest fallacies that some people believe in India is that Pakistan wants peace. Now I won’t deny that majority of Pakistan’s general public would be asking for peace with India. But the Govt of India is dealing with the rogue Pakistan Army who is nursing grudge against India for India’s support to the Bangladeshi movement of separation.

Do you think a neighbor of yours whose hand got inadvertently chopped off? It doesn’t matter that it got inadvertently chopped while you were saving somebody helpless being attacked by the neighbor. He will just look for an opportunity. Pakistan army is still living with that maiming wound of 1971.

That’s why no matter how much we try to lobby for peace, they would try to back stab you. Remember how Vajpayee was back stabbed in 1999? And during the UPA regime when peacenicks like Mani Shankar were in power, what did we get in return with the peace talks with Pakistan?

53 Major attacks happened all across the country including the 2005 Diwali Bomb Blast, the 2006 Mumbai Train attacks and 2008 attack. And the terror activities continued unabated in Kashmir. The 2010 Kashmir Unrest was by far the biggest unrest the valley had witnessed since 1989.

Clearly nothing was working.

What were the mistakes we made while dealing with Pakistan:

  1. That assurance from Prime minister of peace is binding on the rogue Pakistan Army.
  2. That Pakistan army wants peace forgetting the maiming wound of 1971.
  3. We Should treat Pakistan as equal to us while dealing with them
  4. We must engage peace talks with them even after a major attack in India
  5. Not thought of cutting Pakistan’s source of income.

The reality:

Pakistan can forget the 1971 humiliation, it’s army can’t. So to expect them to voluntarily choose peace will be like expecting a Hyena to be peaceful like a rabbit. We are not dealing with people of Pakistan by a rogue mafia style Pakistan army.The peace on Pakistan has to be enforced by us using our might. Pakistan is not a country which is equal to us in any measure, it must be given commensurable respect. If we are thinking Kashmir issue can be solved using dialogue with Pakistan then that’s too much of a wishful thinking.

Earlier, what was happening? Pakistan would attack us. we would break ties for few months before resuming them. Then another attack, another talk.

Isolating Pakistan and cutting its source of Income:

I think PM modi, took the right approach by attempting to start talks with Nawaz Sharif. But as expecting this wouldn’t stop terrorism in India. So he broke off ties with Pakistan and adopted an offensive strategy. Pakistan was reminded of its stature at international forums to let the global audience know its fiendish nature. This meant that several countries felt the need to review their relation with Pakistan. USA stopped the aid which Pakistan was using for terror activities in India. And in middle east Pakistan as a country faced humiliation after humiliation. This is something Pakistan media is admitting.

‘We are on verge of global isolation’, Pakistani media warns government and security agencies – Times of India

Earlier we were giving Pakistan an opportunity to resume ties after an attack at the drop of hat. We never put condition like we have now that talk will resume until Pakistan sponsored terror in Kashmir stops. Let the globally irrelevant country earn its opportunity to have a dialogue with a future superpower.

And the impact is visible:

The only place we are witnessing terror attacks are in J&K because the Army is in a state of war. And there too, the free hand to the army has worked.

257 terrorists killed in Jammu and Kashmir in 2018, highest in 10 yrs: DGP

Looking at the numbers and desperation of Pakistan in global arena, I would say that Modi’s Pakistan policy has been far better than his predecessors. As for Kashmir solution, that would happen the day Pakistan gets balkanized because of her oppressive policies of Pakistan Army in Baluchistan, Sind and POK.

The Article was first published on Quora and has been republished on The South Asian Express with Author’s permission

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